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  The game is work in progress.
  An interactive fan art project based on the Final Fantasy video game series.

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  Fixed monster didn't disapper on dead.
  Random fixes on party system.
  Fixed battle without party - monsters didn't attack the player.
  Lot of fixes on Party System.
  Update item party command, it will now show who uses the potion.
  Update battle bottom status - is it now showing all the party members.
  Nerfed Ifrit and Shiva stats level bonus after the mission.
  Added top message if the monster uses magic.
  Party monster is now reading the def, mdef & eva of his party target.
  Implement party KO system and annihilated.
  Party battle is now updating animation and damage to party members.
  Update monster party battle - monster is now attacking random to your party members.
  ATB bar is now showing to the right player on party battle.
  Added party member fanfare.
  White Mage: Healing Wind is now working to all party members.
  Many updates and fixes on party system.
  Updated party system (javascript) - They are now shared to leader's monster and fanfare reward.
  ATB speed is now working on every agi stat.
  Added challenge achievements.
  Fixed monster magic damage didn't show in client.
  Implement item received message on the top of the client.
  Fixed bonus equipment upgrade stat didnt apply to stats.
  Added sleep animation.
  Updated monster sleep status, it is now accurate.
  Implement the first version of Achievement System.
  Implement and fixes on self destruct monster skill and bomb size on hit.
  Fixed center damage preview, buffs preview, level up etc.
  Disable magic command if the player is on silence status.
  Check treasure chest distance before it can open.
  Added top message when using skill, item etc.
  Implement: Blue Magic, Summon Limit Break, Summon Special Attack & Summon Black Magic javascript command.
  Random battle fixes.
  Implement: Javascript monster use skill & magic.
  Fixed 0.gif is missing when no animation set in battle.
  Fixed Black Mage limit break, wrong animation.
  Implement battle javascript: White Magic & White Mage Limit Break.
  Fixed ability passive didn't give AP after battle.
  Implement: Summon and Dismiss javascript command.
  Fixed no summon EXP gain if the character level up.
  Implement battle javascript: Defend.
  Warrior, Ranger, Black Mage is now fully working on battle javascript.
  Fixed miss preview still show on next attacks.
  Updated battle - monster is now showing negative buffs icon. added dead player sprite. return to balamb when dead.
  Implement battle javascript: Magic.
  Added magic battle animation.
  Implement battle javascript: Skill, Limit Break, Item menu.
  Fixed ATB bar it is now exactly if it's full it's your turn.
  Implement the first version of no refresh battle: alternate attack, works as javascript.
  Updated party tab is now working as a javascript.
  Fixed offline party leader: become no encounter to online party members in same map.
  Fixed summon tab didn't show on white mage class.
  Updated summon tab is now working as a javascript.
  Fixed lot of party system issue.
  Temporary disabled KO system.
  Major fixed: sell item - can put a high amount more than on your inventory item count.
  Added NYRO ranking event and registration.
  Reduce size of treasure chest.
  Fixed equipment tab didn't show the item bonus with refine.
  Added Cloud Strife item 1001, 1002 & 1003 attack animation.
  Improved Xu sprite.
  Implement the Treasure Chest System.
  Added ranking highlight color of your self.
  Fixed an error in item description.
  Fixed costume equip check job.
  Updated Configuration Tab: No more refresh on setting save.
  Updated Mall Tab: No more refresh on item exchange.
  Added ranking tab (Level and Gil).
  Updated Equipment Tab: No more refresh on equip remove or switch.
  Updated Sphere Grid Tab: No more refresh on sphere use.
  A fix on stat calculation on sphere use and equipment change.
  PHP upgraded from MySQL to MySQLi.
  Registration password is now changed to MD5.
  Updated Quest Tab: No more refresh on accept quest and abandon quest.
  Added new character: Cloud Strife.
  Updated equipment tab is now working as a javascript.
  New item: Buster Sword with idle animation in battle (M_03).
  Changed cloud default weapon on character creation is Buster Sword.
  Added cloud strife idle, fanfare & attack (1053, wand, staff, bow) animation battle.
  Fixed loop bug on quest.
  Updated World Chat: No more refresh on message send.
  Updated Item Use: No more refresh on item use.
  New and improved mailbox system with notification icon.
  Added logout button.
  Moogle shop (buy) in Ice Cavern is now working.
  Updated sphere grid and item tab is now working as a javascript.
  Added access ID per NPC to prevent talking to npc in url.
  Improved character status on top of the map.
  Fixed box item can't be use.
  Updated teleport tab is now a javascript.
  Every NPC is now fixed and updated to javascript except moogle shop in ice cavern.
  Updated all the all buttons to better one.
  Fixed shop sell become 0 item amount bug.
  Updated player status on top of the map, with portrait and it's much better now.
  Balamb Town NPC, Status tab and write world chat is now working as javascript.
  World Chat Update: Added system error log.
  Random design updates.
  Improved & fixed the major bug on NPC talk, also it's now a javascript.
  World Chat Update: Now it will update to everyone of every chat.
  World Chat Update: Party member world chat color is set to dark orange.
  Fixed party system didn't update party map location on database.
  Removed mission and quest button below and place it to the upper right of the screen.
  Added NPC nameplate.
  Added script to check if using multiple tab that cause of character teleport bug.
  Added new item: Hard Leather Shoes.
  Implemented the first version of World Chat System.
  Code cleanup and fixes.
  Added Particle Accelerator in item mall.
  Updated all lower armor to Trousers, skirt and bottoms.
  Quest EXP and Gil is now accurate to quest level.
  Added Cross Slash limit break animation and sfx.
  Random code fixes.
  Added Phoenix Down in item database and to shops.
  Improved water in balamb town inn.
  Improved registration tab.
  Fixed no party player didn't show the sprite.
  Party Update: The member thats not in the same map will not with you in the battle also members no encounter if in the leader's map.
  Fixed mob_battle_screen.php if run in browser it will trigger.
  Removes negative buffs on party members on battle starts.
  Party Update: Now it will notif to the party member if the monster died also it will gives exp, ap & drop to the members.
  Fixes on mall shop.
  Re-implement the party invite system and improved and fixes.
  Added config: Ignore party invites.
  Increased character name length from 10 to 15 and restriction of special characters.
  Fixed some php if run in browser it will trigger.
  Added javascript pre-load map images.
  Fixed Black Waltz #2 wrong mob ID.
  Updated Black Waltz #1 and Black Waltz #2 battle sprite.
  Fixed monster hp on battle, gap didn't work.
  Updated diablos summon battle image.
  Update Breath of the Earth - It will now remove the slow status.
  Added quest abandon menu on quest tab.
  Added sellable and upgradeable state on database.
  Improved shop, price and sell is now base on item_db.
  Improved monster drop. now can put the item in any slot.
  Improved item stats description.
  Implemented the first version of equipment upgrade stat bonus.
  Player's re-spawn on dead is now on balamb infirmary and also recover full mp.
  Refine bonus is now 1 stat per refine except HP and MP.
  Added grenade arrow animation.
  Added shop sell amount.
  Fixes on Auction House.
  Minor fix on garage upgrade.
  Fix drain arrow and chocobo cure hp on battle field.
  Minimize quest database size.
  Implemented the boss mob gap system. increased 1 stat per level gap.
  Exp penalty is changed from 10% to 5%.
  Fix summon absorb hp bug.
  Update enemy weakness on magic damage is now 50% bonus.
  Minimize the code of black magic, blue magic and mage limit break.
  Implemented hawk's eye and straight shot ability (ranger).
  Fixed raging strike ranger's ability didn't apply in limit break.
  Update converse MP (black mage ability) now fully works.
  Fixed monster encounter didn't refresh.
  Fixed Chocobo/Mog attack animation and wav.
  Updated tent - now will heal the summon too.
  Fix summon magic calculation, use players magic instead of summons magic.
  Added meteor strike animation.
  Added new map: balamb infirmary.
  Fixed healing wind limit break.
  Fixed skill bonus didn't apply properly.
  Implemented the summon limit break system.
  Implemented the Chocobo/Mog summon special attack (Chocobo Cure).
  Fixes on summon atb, dismiss and use.
  Improved Chocobo/Mog battle sprite.
  Added new maps: balamb town inn and balamb hallway.
  Inn will now fully heal the summon too.
  Added summon limit break.
  Implemented the first version of item upgrade system.
  Added staff animation 1403 and 1404.
  Added new scimitar: falchion (1504).
  Fixed monster critical giving 3x damage instead of x2.
  Improved monster skill use.
  Implemented the defend command in battle.
  Fixed monster skill casting no ID skill.
  Fixed quest from Xu, that can't submit.
  Added SFX config.
  Update lot of sound effects.
  Limit break increase is now base on 100% of player's hp.
  Fixed blue mage damage preview bug.
  Random updates.
  Added tax on auction house.
  Updated tent item - Now will show the tent sprite in player's location when use.
  Added shop menu - item type.
  Implemented the first version of Chocobo mount system.
  Updated great sword - Added luck stat bonus.
  Balanced the drop rate of Potion, Ether and Hi-Potion.
  Lot of battle pop up on head updates (example green heal amount).
  Fixed show EXP bonus at the end of battle is double (text only).
  Fixed mob skill number 2 and 3 not working properly.
  New item: Teleport Stone [added on shop for 200 gil].
  Decreased Ifrit's HP by 1000.
  Fixed ATB: Now it's more accurate.
  Decreased quest requirements in "Fire Cave - Level 4" from 5 to 4.
  Fixed critical more accurate to luck stats.
  Miss text in battle is now show in top of player and enemy.
  Implemented my own version of ATB, removed FF8 hardcoded ATB.
  Added Sphere Grid Quest in Balamb Garden. Not able to proceed in field if did not use the 1st sphere grid.
  Fixed RUN/FLEE menu in battle not working properly.
  Added new NPC in Balamb Town (Mechanic).
  Added fading out damage value in battle (player and monster. bug known: healing).
  Fixed limit break & skill tab not integer.
  Improved ATB bar: It's now a javascript (bug known: tick and on start tick).
  Update forest monsters and background.
  Update Carved spider and Fang monster animation.
  Random fixes and changes.
  Balance monster stats and quest drop rate up to Shiva.
  Added Warpstone in Balamb, Balamb Town and Fire Cavern Level 4.
  Improved & Fixes on Quest System.
  Improved Quest from Xu.
  Added Locke weapon attack animation.
  Updated battle button and all fonts like FF13.
  Added Terra & Celes weapon attack animation.
  Updated battle idle and weapon, now with animation.
  Added Terra, Locke, Celes & Sabin magic animation.
  Added Battle ATB gauge 12 and 11 seconds.
  Added ATB gauge code.
  Added dead character image.
  Added Terra, Locke, Celes & Sabin attack animation and fanfare.
  Added shadow on players.
  Updated weapon images to fit to all characters.
  Temporarily removed the party system until I fix it.
  Improved battle character image. From FF Exvius.
  PVP Arena - Improved alternate attacks on each player, it will now refresh once the attack is done.

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